A maulud is a song in the Sindhi language sung in the honor of the Prophet, Muhammad. A club of men consisting of Natha Khan, Mamand Khan, Adrehman Haji, Salai Mahmad and Shafi Mahmad sang “āge aḥmad ǰām khe ḏej ḏinā ḏātār” (“the generous Lord has given the Prophet as a dowry”) near Jaro village, Thatta district, Sindh, Pakistan, May 30 1997. Like other poetry of the maulud, this uses marriage symbolism express love for the Prophet and includes references to the Quran and Hadith. Maulud performances generally consist of two poems knitted together, the name of the poets coming at the conclusion of each (the first of the two poems was composed by Asi Abdul Karim). One line from each poem is used as a musical refrain (thal). Maulud performers artfully break the words into individual syllables, which serve as vehicles for melodic and rhythmic exploration. The men gradually build the intensity of their performance by increasing the speed and moving into a high register.